The First UTM Endpoint Protection for SMBs

  • Advanced Anti-Malware
    Advanced Anti-Malware
    • Exosphere scans files in real-time using an advanced anti-malware engine.
    • The engine provides multi-layered detection, that applies signature-based, heuristics, and emulation methods.
    • The Exosphere anti-malware engine updates quickly with threat intelligence collected from over 550million endpoints.
  • Web Filtering
    Web Filtering
    • Filtering web sites is part of Exosphere’s first line of defense. With a URL database of over 140 million web sites.
    • Exosphere can prevent employees from visiting risky web sites that may contain malware or be used from Phishing.
    • The administrator may specify which of the 10 URL categories is allowed, thereby maximizing productivity and reducing risk.
    Web Filtering
  • Data Loss Prevention
    Data Loss Prevention
    • Exosphere offers rich functionality to stop or deter insiders from sharing sensitive information.
    • This includes discovering data on users’ machines, blocking USB devices, file transfer sites, and adding watermarks to printed documents.
  • PC Healthcheck
    PC Healthcheck
    • Approx. 0.1% of threats exploit and unknown vulnerability. Therefore, keeping your operating system and key applications up-to-date, and ensuring your configuration is correct is the best way to prevent your system from being compromised.
    • Exosphere can scan your machines and automate the patching process for you, and verify your settings, thereby stopping any known threat.
    PC Healthcheck
  • Anti-Ransomware
    • Exosphere anti-ransomware protects your data by preventing untrusted applications and processes from accessing it.
    • By doing so, malicious ransomware is prevented from to overwriting any files, even if it had infiltrated all other layers of defense.
  • Backup and Restore
    Backup and Restore
    • As a final layer of defense, Exosphere ensures your files are backed up at all times.
    • Should ransomware or another malicious code infiltrate all other defenses, corrupted user data could be salvaged from backup.
    • Backup repository is encrypted and de-duplicated to ensure efficiency and security.
    Backup and Restore